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Membership Resales – Sell Your Malta Timeshare

Azure is a customer-service-centred organisation that believes in helping people find and perfect their favourite holiday experiences. Underpinning that belief is a solid understanding that life is ever-changing. . . and that holiday preferences can also change over time.

Based on this, Azure has designed an excellent timeshare resales programme to help members fully explore their timeshare resale options. Or, if that's not your wish, the programme will simply help you complete the exit process.

How To Start Your Malta Timeshare Resales

Starting the timeshare resale process is simple.Call +356 2778 2525 or email As well as being RDO accredited, every member of the resales team is understanding, supportive and very much committed to assisting you towards a positive resolution.

How Azure Membership Resales Works

At the start of the programme, a member of the Radisson Blu Malta Golden Sands timeshare resales team will listen to you talk about the reason you wish to sell your timeshare membership. Finding out why you wish to exit is important, as it helps the team understand how best to assist you. Through getting to know you and listening to your timeshare issues, the resale team can provide you with many personalised options, or simply assist you with completing the resales process.

What many members are unaware of, is that even while their timeshare is listed for resale, they can still use their property right up until it is sold. So remember, even though you're listed on the active resales directory, keep on enjoying your Radisson Golden Sands Malta timeshare or some other exciting destination through RCI, to the full.

RCI Membership Benefits

An additional benefit that all members can access but often neglect is the RCI membership, which provides access to over 4,500 affiliated resorts in over 100 countries. In addition, the RCI online booking platform is hassle-free and very user-friendly, plus it enables you to exchange longer blocks of weeks for shorter blocks of weeks or vice versa, giving you even more value and flexibility with your Radisson Malta Golden Sands timeshare membership.

Many members who for one reason or another are not able to fulfil all their designated years enjoy great relief plus spread some happiness around by transferring their Radisson Hotel Malta timeshare memberships to family members or friends. What's more, there are also occasions where members (with children who’ve grown up and left home) downsize from a family unit to something smaller, which can save up to £350 a year in maintenance fees alone.

The Azure resales team has also managed to help many members who have either been advised by their doctors not to travel or who have emigrated to the opposite end of the world to be closer to their families. Unbeknown to many people, the Azure team can liaise with RCI to change your holiday resort or hotel to a more suitable destination, even within your country of permanent residence.

Exiting Your Vacation Ownership

Naturally, if you wish to proceed with selling your Malta timeshare and exiting your vacation ownership, we will support you right to the end. Of course, we'll be sad to say goodbye but also satisfied that you leave with a light heart filled with good memories about your time with us in Malta.

All you pay is a yearly £49* administration fee (per week listed), charged on a 1-year resale cycle that begins in January and ends in December. Other than that, there are zero hidden fees or costs. You can also take your product on and off the timeshare resale market, whenever you like. Conveniently, Azure’s resale process is simple, with built-in safety and security. Even more reassuring, we place you in control of setting the price of your resale.

The Azure Guarantee

That properties cost more in 2015 than they did in 2010 comes as no surprise. This is why Azure believes it's only fair to you, our client, to set a price that is both fair and one that you're comfortable with. When everything is in alignment and you're in full agreement and you’re happy for us to proceed, your property goes onto the resale listings. The excellent Azure sales team will then immediately start to offer your property for resale, not going lower than 10% below the resale price you have set. Now, at this stage, it’s well worth reminding you about the Azure Guarantee, which will give you, even more, peace of mind.

As you may recall, the Azure Guarantee stipulates that a Golden Sands Malta timeshare product can only be bought directly from Azure at the resort. Not online. Not over the telephone. Not out of a newspaper. And absolutely not from anyone else. This is a vital point. It guarantees your best interests are being protected—a watertight security assurance that unscrupulous timeshare resale companies simply can never offer you.

How To Begin Your Timeshare Resale Process

To begin your resale process, to have a friendly and informal chat about selling your timeshare membership, or to explore other options, call our resales department on +356 2778 2525 or enter your details below and someone will get right back to you.

*Subject to change, please refer to the Listing Agreement

Right from the very beginning, we promised to take good care of you throughout your time with us. That promise extends to the resales process. So get in touch and share your thoughts. We are here for you whenever you need us.

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Worldwide: 00356 2778 2525