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Exchange Your Malta Timeshare

Many members who own a Golden Sands Malta property wouldn't dream of exchanging their week/s. But what happens when a close friend or someone in your family is getting married, at the same time you'll normally stay at the resort. Or maybe, like some members, you just fancy a break from Malta for a year or two.

Exchange programmes are quite easy to understand once you get the knack. And thanks to Azure’s partnership with RCI, part of the Wyndham Destination Network, our Exchange programme is one of the best. This article reveals how it all works.

How To Exchange Your Radisson Blu Golden Sands Timeshare

Starting the exchange process begins with a telephone call, an email or by popping into the Azure office at Radisson Blu Golden Sands and letting the team know you wish to exchange your week. They’ll then bank your week for you with RCI. (It's worth noting that the further advance notice you give of your wish to exchange, the more options you can choose from).

After Azure banks your week, RCI will then notify you when your exchange has been fully completed. You now have two options, visit and make the exchange online, or call the team in Cork on RCI’s dedicated Golden Sands timeshare exchange line on 0845 608 6143 and they will help you complete your desired exchange.

As people who've been Azure members for a significant amount of time already know, with RCI you can exchange your timeshare allocation from a choice of over 4,300 resorts in over 100 countries, including Wyndham Vacations Rentals brands’ Landal GreenParks and James Villa Holidays. What makes it extra special is the dedicated team in Ireland, which exclusively looks after Azure’s Golden Sands members.

Exclusive RCI Team In Cork

Your relationship with Azure’s exclusive RCI team in Cork starts from the very beginning, as the team contacts all new members with a welcome call. While it’s primarily a courtesy call, it’s definitely worth your while to ask questions and to share your general holiday preferences, such as favourite destinations or your ideal room size. As the friendly team of 10 undergo continuous training following an intensive six-week programme, they are all extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Plus, you will be assigned a person who you deal with regularly—and who will build up a profile of your holiday preferences, likes and dislikes.

Early Exchange Notice Equals More Options

To start the exchange process, call, email or pop into Azure at Radisson Blu Golden Sands and advise the team you wish to exchange your week and they’ll bank your week with RCI. Remember, the further in advance you give notice of your wish to exchange, the more options you’ll have to choose from.

Once RCI notifies you that your exchange has been completed, it’s time for the fun to begin. You have two options, visit and exchange online, or call the Cork team on RCI’s dedicated Golden Sands timeshare exchange line on 0845 608 6143 and they will help you make the perfect exchange.

Convenient and Hassle-Free Timeshare Exchange

Everything is tailored towards a convenient and hassle-free exchange, including the Ongoing Search service, a state-of-the-art online programme that matches your preferences with up to 10 resorts, based on the week you want to travel, size of accommodation and the value of the property you’re exchanging.

The Ongoing Search can be initiated either directly through the RCI team or independently online and, once activated, the Ongoing Search automatically scans RCI’s live network 24 hours a day. As soon as a resort comes up, a team member in Ireland will get in touch and help you conclude the exchange.

There are no hidden costs or fees, apart from an exchange service charge of €169, which is payable to RCI only upon them finding you a satisfactory exchange, or upon you initiating the Ongoing Search feature.

Searchable Live Booking Database

To exchange your Radisson Blu Malta holiday online is also very simple. Simply log in to the RCI website with your RCI username and password. Remember, if you’re a new member, you’ll receive your RCI login details after your membership payment has been received and your application processed. Next, choose an account type, which is ‘weeks’ and select ‘weeks numbers’. Enter your country of residence and that’s it, you’re in!

Using the searchable live booking database is simple. Find ‘exchange’ on the menu and filter down through location and holiday type to details such as size of accommodation and date of holiday. Once you find a resort you like, then proceed with the exchange. It really is that straightforward.

Practice Exchange Deposit

While the exchange programme is simple to use online, RCI understands that it can take some getting used to, which is why all new members receive a practice exchange deposit, which can be used to book a test week. Don’t forget, the dedicated team in Ireland is only a phone call away if you ever get stuck or have any questions.

RCI Gold Crown Rated

The great thing about owning a Golden Sands Malta timeshare is that it is an RCI Gold Crown rated property. With other ratings including Silver, Hospitality and Standard, your premium Gold Crown rating means that your Golden Sands Malta Hotel property holds the highest possible exchange value.

And even if you own a bronze studio flat in your home resort, it doesn’t stop you exchanging for a single or two-bed apartment elsewhere. Providing you have enough value to play with, you can exchange with properties of any shape or form you desire and even cruises, yacht charters or luxury canal boat rentals.

‘Members are often surprised...’ comments Azure Malta concierge Glen Stacy ‘... that a bronze studio at Golden Sands can actually get you quite a lot in exchange. You might not get something at the peak time of year in a destination like Mauritius, but there are always other lovely sunny spots up for grabs,’ he explained.

A Perfect Match

Glen also highlighted the need to be flexible with dates and destinations in order to get the best possible exchange outcomes. ‘I always recommend that you have a wish list of about three to five destinations. Be open to new ideas and new places, keep your searches broad and, with 35,000 resort options in over 100 countries, you’ll always find a perfect match,’ the Azure concierge concluded.

A lot of Azure members enjoy the ease of the RCI exchange system and the great value that comes from owning a Golden Sands timeshare, especially when exchanging one week for two in a destination you’ve always wanted to visit. . .  or one that coincides with a big overseas event, such as a wedding or birthday celebration.

We are constantly innovating and adding new inventory to our exchange programme. Keep an eye out for emails from Azure offering other exciting options, or get in touch with us today to discuss your exchange expectations.

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