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Timeshare Exit Guide For Azure Members

Do you wish to exit your Malta timeshare? This is where you can do so with complete peace-of-mind, thanks to Azure’s timeshare resales programme, which is designed to help meet your every expectation.

How To Start Your Membership Exit

Azure’s resales programme offers simple, safe and secure options for members in situations where lifestyle or holiday preferences have changed. There are no hidden costs or additional purchases required to participate in the programme, apart from a yearly administration fee of £49 charged on a one-year resale cycle that begins in January and ends in December.

There are three ways to start your timeshare exit process. Over the telephone, by email, or using the contact form to your opposite right. Either call +356 2778 2525, email or enter your name and email address in the contact form opposite.

How Timeshare Exit Works

Once you have made initial contact, you will be assigned a dedicated member of the Radisson Blu Malta Golden Sands timeshare resales team. All team members are RDO accredited and receive regular training and performance evaluations to ensure they provide our members with the best possible assistance.

Your dedicated resale team member will start by getting to know you better. Finding out what you like about your timeshare, what you don’t like, and what’s changed in your life to make you want to sell your membership.

The resales team does this to get a complete picture of your needs and preferences, and also to provide you with a concise overview of where you stand and what options you have open to you.

Open And Transparent About Your Timeshare Resale Options

Being an organisation that is built upon strong customer service, one of Azure’s core beliefs is that we do everything we can to help our members tailor-make and perfect their favourite holiday experience.

We recognize you might have spent years holidaying with us, but are now searching for help transitioning into the next phase where owning a timeshare is no longer manageable. Our programme will help you fully explore your timeshare resale options.

Since inception, Azure’s timeshare products have continuously evolved to meet members’ expectations. We’re here to help you find the best solution to any membership changes you require. That was our promise to you. And it’s a promise we stand by firmly. We can help you explore many options.

Membership Downsizing Or Timeshare Transfer

We have for example assisted many members with transferring their Radisson Hotel Malta timeshare memberships to family members or friends. Another option is downsizing. Many members who joined when they had children, who have since grown up, have downsized from a family unit to a single, which can save up to £350 a year in maintenance fees alone.

We understand that things can change. People might move abroad. Not be able to travel through illness. Get into financial difficulty. Or just plain want a change every now and then. The team can help change your entitlement to a unit more suitable for you. Provide financial assistance. Find you a resort or property in another preferred location, or even nearer to home. We can also help you upgrade or downsize – either timeshare, fractional or whole ownership within our group of companies.

Happy To Help Whatever Your Query

Of course, if you’re happy to continue with your Malta timeshare resale, or if you change your mind and decide to downsize your membership, we’ll support you all the way. We want you to have only good memories of your time in Malta, while also being fully aware of all your Azure membership and ownership options.

Plus it’s all under your control. You set a fair price for your property that you’re happy with. Our sales team then instantly starts to offer your property for resale, never going lower than 10% under the resale price you set.

This is where the Azure Guarantee makes perfect sense. Because we guarantee that any Golden Sands Malta timeshare product can ONLY be bought directly from Azure at the resort, which fully protects your best interests and benefits as a reseller.

Still Have Questions?

Why not get in touch with our resales team today to discuss your resale options, or to list your property for resale. Either call our resales department on +356 2778 2525, email, or enter your name and email address in the contact form at the top right of this page,  and we'll get right back to you.

At the very beginning of your membership, we made a promise to you. A promise that we'll always be here for you, even if you decide to exit your timeshare. We're here for you right now, ready to assist you in any way we can.

From the UK: 0203 912 1700
Worldwide: 00356 2778 2525